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09. Aug. 2021 | 11:41 Uhr
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Significant impact on the EPDM weather-strip (WS) requirements

Statistical Approach of Designing Isolating EPDM Rubber Compounds to Enable Light-Weighting Solutions at Automotive OEMs

The automotive trend of replacing steel doors in cars with light-weight metals like Magnesium/Aluminum (Mg/Al) has a significant impact on the EPDM weather-strip (WS) requirements.Weiterlesen...

06. Aug. 2021 | 12:48 Uhr
Part 2: Development of low- viscosity Compound Formulations for use in additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing of Rubber Parts based on liquid Rubber Polymers

This publication shows the investigation of formulations and the production of sulfur-crosslinked compounds based on liquid rubbers for processing by means of additive manufacturing in the „Direct-Ink-Writing” process.Weiterlesen...

03. Aug. 2021 | 06:59 Uhr
anesthetic machine

Hübner erweitert Medizintechnik-Portfolio

Die Hübner-Gruppe baut ihr Produktportfolio im Bereich Medizintechnik aus. Im vergangenen Jahr hat das Unternehmen ein neuartiges Touchless-Dispensersystem für die Händehygiene entwickelt, das jetzt in die Umsetzung geht.Weiterlesen...

29. Jun. 2021 | 06:17 Uhr
1Henri G
Consider shear stress and pressure independently

Wall Slip in Processing Rubber Compound revisited

In a previous paper, we have presented an alternative way to use the RPA (Rubber Process Analyzer) to measure both transient and steady shear viscosity [1].Weiterlesen...

28. Jun. 2021 | 06:44 Uhr
Increase current output of the single-layer triboelectric generator (TEG).

Triboelectrification of Kapton Film under different Contact Modes

In the present work a single layer triboelectric generator (TEG) composed of Kapton film against Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE thin layer investigated under different conditions to obtain the effect of contact mode, frequency, surface properties and electrode material on generated electricity as a result of friction between layers.Weiterlesen...

24. Jun. 2021 | 06:23 Uhr
Crosslinking by light and silica nanoparticles

Development in the Surface Properties of the Hybrid Composite Resin by Light-Curing Process and Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles

The purpose of this paper is to identify the surface properties of the hybrid composite resin as function of curing times, curing modes and fractions of SiO2 NPs.Weiterlesen...

22. Jun. 2021 | 06:58 Uhr
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Improvement of conversion tack on calender rolls – Part 1

Improved contact Mechanisms of high viscous Rubber Compounds on Calender roll Surfaces by using different Tackifier – Part 1

High viscous rubber compounds often lead to processing difficulties during calenderingWeiterlesen...

22. Jun. 2021 | 06:13 Uhr
Mechanical-thermal behavior of rubber during the process

Simulation of a Heat-Buildup Process on Rubber Components

This article describes the simulation setup and the development of a simulation method for modeling the self-heating of cyclic-loaded rubber components within the well-known ABAQUS FE environment.Weiterlesen...

15. Jun. 2021 | 10:25 Uhr
Systematic process investigations on a rubber extruder

Optimization Approaches in Rubber Extrusion for Energy and CO² Savings

Systematic process investigations on a rubber extruder (40 mm, 16D) show on the basis of enthalpy increase, that the specific energy input is 0.3 – 1.7 kWh/kg and the thermal efficiency is in the range of 1 – 12 %.Weiterlesen...

15. Jun. 2021 | 06:44 Uhr
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Energy efficiency is one of the central challenges for European energy policy

Optimisation approaches in continuous Vulcanisation to increase Energy Efficiency

The continuous vulcanisation is one of the most energy intensive processes in rubber processing.Weiterlesen...