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09. Dez. 2021 | 08:45 Uhr
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Good carrier for retaining bioactive natural product ingredients

Polyvinyl Alcohol / Chitosan Polymer Blends for Smart Drug Delivery System for Alzheimer Disease Protection

The films from polymer blend composed of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and Chitosan (CS) loading with curcumin and rosemary extracts were prepared by casting technique.Weiterlesen...

09. Dez. 2021 | 08:26 Uhr
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Accessible Method with huge Impact

Stress Analysis in Design with Plastics:

Multiaxial stress states in components are evaluated with the methods of stress analysis. However, when designing with von Mises hypothesis, under-dimensioning can occur for multiaxial tensile loadings.Weiterlesen...

09. Dez. 2021 | 08:04 Uhr
The Gough-Joule effect is used in an improved test method to infer the entropy change and the absolute crosslink density

Test Method for the Investigation of thermoelastic Behavior of stressed Elastomers

Der Gough-Joule Effekt wird in einer verbesserten Prüfmethode genutzt, um auf die Entropieänderung und die absolute Vernetzungsdichte zu schließen.Weiterlesen...

08. Dez. 2021 | 09:50 Uhr

Carbon Black from Tire-Derived Pyrolysis Oil

Within the EU-funded innovation project BlackCycle (Horizon 2020 program, project number 869625), sustainable carbon blacks for tire applications have been produced on a conventional carbon black furnace reactor by using oils derived from an end-of-life tires pyrolysis process.Weiterlesen...

01. Dez. 2021 | 10:42 Uhr
Improvement of the ultimate stress and modulus of elasticity of the tested composites.

Mechanical Properties of cervical Fusion plates fabricated from Polyethylene reinforced by Kevlar and Carbon Fibers

Cervical spine degeneration is one of defects leading to neck and neurological problems which can be resolved by cervical fusion implants.Weiterlesen...

24. Nov. 2021 | 10:14 Uhr
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Development of Keltan 13951C DE

Improving Compound Properties via Polymer Design

ARLANXEO recently developed innovative EPDM grades featuring extremely high molecular weight.Weiterlesen...

08. Nov. 2021 | 14:08 Uhr
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Double versus Single-Gloving

Handling Safety of surgical Scalpel

The current study aims to discuss the friction coefficient of single and double gloved fingers when sliding against a surgical scalpel, which is suggested as a variable that could affect the safety of its handling process.Weiterlesen...

12. Okt. 2021 | 06:34 Uhr
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Thermogravimetric analysis was used to determine the activation energy of thermal degradation of LLDPE

Expanded Application of ISO 11358-2 to Obtaining Activation Energy of thermal Degradation of Polyethylene

The thermogravimetric analysis was applied to obtain the activation energy of the thermaldegradation of LLDPE containing the antioxidant reagent (AO) from 0.0 phr to 0.25 phr. The heating rate was from 0.1 K/min to 5.0 K/min.Weiterlesen...

05. Okt. 2021 | 06:53 Uhr
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LDPE/Gr -nano compounds were investigated in terms of graphene distribution, morphology and crystal structure using methods such as Raman spectroscopy, XRD, SEM and TEM

Characterization of the Effect of Graphene Inclusion in LDPE

LDPE/Gr nanocompounds were studied based on graphene (Gr)-distribution, morphology and crystal structure according to different methods such as, Raman spectroscopy (RS), XRD, SEM and TEM.Weiterlesen...

05. Okt. 2021 | 06:17 Uhr
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To model the diffusive penetration of migrants into a dense and foamed rubber, a simulation approach based on a free boundary value problem is proposed

A Moving Boundary approach of Capturing diffusants Penetration into Rubber: FEM Approximation and Comparison with laboratory Measurements

To model the penetration of diffusants into dense and foamed rubbers a moving-boundary scenario is proposed.Weiterlesen...